Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.

Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?

In terms of business measures, most of us are aware of our core financial figures, whether it’s sales targets, customer numbers or growth rate, there are some numbers which just roll off the tongue. But among those numbers, the figures that define the black from the red, the difference between sink and swim, will you find a measure of diversity and inclusion? Perhaps not.  Continue reading “Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?”

ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS: Progressive or Exploitative?

Zero hours contracts have had a lot of press and political coverage recently, much of it negative with some calling for a complete ban on these ‘exploitative’ contracts. But are they really as bad as all that and is there a place for them in UK businesses going forward? Continue reading “ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS: Progressive or Exploitative?”

Social Mobility In Your Workplace

When you start the conversation about workplace diversity, discussion most commonly swings around to race, disability and gender.  Yet, there are many other areas in which our unconscious bias can create pockets of exclusion within the workplace, and some of them are only very recently being given the recognition they deserve. When, for example, was the last time you put social mobility under the microscope, in the context of your organisation? Continue reading “Social Mobility In Your Workplace”

Diversity & Inclusion – Beyond Policy & Into Practice

Diversity and inclusion is part of the management agenda for most businesses now. It’s one of the things that we know ought to be tackled but often misses the mark when executed. There is a tendency to focus on the diversity part and completely miss inclusion, because diversity as a concept is easier to grasp and far easier to measure. But what does inclusion really mean? Can a business operate a strong commitment to diversity without proper inclusion? Continue reading “Diversity & Inclusion – Beyond Policy & Into Practice”

Mind The Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap reporting shines an important light on a very real problem; one that needs to be assessed, highlighted and addressed.  Yet, in the short term, it’s a colossal undertaking for most large firms, and risks significant embarrassment and exposure. Just ask the BBC! We take a look at what companies can do to address the scale of the problem. Continue reading “Mind The Gender Pay Gap”

Artificial Intelligence: The Robot Revolution

Surely, our most valuable quality as humans is our human-ness; our diversity of thought, our ability to empathise, to feel emotion, to influence and debate, and to care. Yet, as technology advances and artificial intelligence becomes more and more a part of our everyday life, how might the ‘robot revolution’ impact on society and on the workplace? Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence: The Robot Revolution”

Are ‘Best Fit’ & Diversity And Inclusion Mutually Exclusive Concepts? 

When we talk about cultural fit in the workplace, we often use the terms right or wrong fit, but what do we actually mean by ‘best fit’? Is it definable, and is cultural fit masking bias or prejudice? Is it possible to achieve a diverse culture and still have a ‘type’ and if so, what impact does that have on organisational culture? Continue reading “Are ‘Best Fit’ & Diversity And Inclusion Mutually Exclusive Concepts? “

Corporate Social Responsibility – All Image & No Substance?

If you aren’t already investing in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, you’re probably in the minority.   But is your approach to CSR mere lip service, or are you making a genuine impact beyond the interests of your business? Continue reading “Corporate Social Responsibility – All Image & No Substance?”

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion In Policy & In Practice

Policies have their place and are an important framework of management strategy. But they should not be the final word. Treat individual issues for what they are: unique and different. And when it comes to Equal Opportunities, your employees will judge you on your actions, not the words filed away in the policy manual. Continue reading “Promoting Diversity & Inclusion In Policy & In Practice”

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