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Things You Need to do Before Using an Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Prior to using an occupational personality test have a look through this checklist. great{with}talent offer these must-do things before offering any psychometric assessment during recruitment.

Things You Need to do Before Using a Personality Questionnaire

Before using any psychometric tests, recruiters need to consider a number of points. These ensure the use of aptitude tests are ethical, i.e. its use will not have a negative impact on a candidates’ well-being.

Furthermore that the personality quiz adds value. This will make sure that the personality questionnaire is being used effectively.

The checklist below is to help ensure you have taken all the necessary steps before using psychometric tests. If you can’t say ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, you should review your decision to use a personality questionnaire.

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Personality Questionnaires Checklist

Have You Got a Clearly Defined Set of Ethical/Best Practice Guidelines in Place for Your Aptitude Test?

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