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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


Employee Engagement

These articles include employee engagement strategies, research and case studies. The staff engagement tips therein can increase productivity, save resources and lower employee turnover.
During these tough economic times these employee engagement solutions are indispensible. Furthermore, the threat of a skills shortage can vastly improve talent management, recruitment and retention.

How The British Military Has Stolen A March On Diversity

“Colour, creed, age and who you sleep with all become irrelevant when you’re both being shot at.” (Captain Michael Fry, quoted in The Independent, 2011). As Remembrance Day approaches, we take a look at how the British military is conquering the war on prejudice.

Continue reading “How The British Military Has Stolen A March On Diversity”

Counting Diversity, or Making Diversity Count?

Monitoring workplace diversity is critical, but does that do enough to foster a culture of inclusivity? Continue reading “Counting Diversity, or Making Diversity Count?”

5 Diversity Sins we are all guilty of

Diversity is a hot topic right now and most companies have implemented some form of basic diversity training, at least for line manager level. But despite the wealth of educational materials, news stories and social media hype, there are some major pitfalls that we are all guilty of…… Continue reading “5 Diversity Sins we are all guilty of”

3 Steps to Managing Office Banter

Office banter: it’s a polarizing topic. One person’s idea of a harmless joke could very easily be another person’s idea of harrassment. So, how and where can employers draw the line? Continue reading “3 Steps to Managing Office Banter”

“Everyone’s a little bit racist…sometimes”

These are the lyrics of a key song from Avenue Q, the hit Broadway show characterized by puppets and human actors interacting as they work through various social issues with considerable ironic humour.

But is this all a fictional portrayal of society, or is there any truth in the sentiment? Continue reading ““Everyone’s a little bit racist…sometimes””

The Closet Conundrum – 10 Ways Employers Can Be More Supportive


To come out or not to come out?  With only 57% of LGBT employees comfortable to disclose their sexuality at work, could employers be doing more to lend support to the remaining 43% grappling with this decision?  Continue reading “The Closet Conundrum – 10 Ways Employers Can Be More Supportive”

World Religion: Celebrating Differences and Embracing Similarities

Sometimes we need a little reminder of the good that can come from faiths uniting together for a better world, and that the common foundations underpinning every religion are harmonious. Continue reading “World Religion: Celebrating Differences and Embracing Similarities”

The A-Z of Why Diversity Pays Dividends

The facts speak for themselves. Diversity pays dividends and leverages competitive advantage. With that in mind, inclusive workplace culture shouldn’t just be high on the corporate agenda. It should pervade through every business objective. And here’s our A-Z of reasons why … Continue reading “The A-Z of Why Diversity Pays Dividends”

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

We take a look at 5 ‘Do’s’ and 5 ‘Don’ts’ when it comes to creating a culture of best practice and inclusion for mental illness in the workplace. Continue reading “5 Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Mental Health in the Workplace”

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