Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


Employee Engagement

These articles include employee engagement strategies, research and case studies. The staff engagement tips therein can increase productivity, save resources and lower employee turnover.
During these tough economic times these employee engagement solutions are indispensible. Furthermore, the threat of a skills shortage can vastly improve talent management, recruitment and retention.

Ageism: 5 Major Myths Exposed

Discrimination is an absolute term isn’t it? You can’t have a policy that is a bit discriminatory, it either is or it isn’t. So interpreting the law around discrimination should be straightforward. But it seems that in the area of age discrimination in particular, there are several myths that have evolved that need exploring. Continue reading “Ageism: 5 Major Myths Exposed”

Flexible Working – 5 Gains for Employers

Each year at the National Worklife Week Conference, speakers from companies large and small present on the latest flexible working initiatives which have delivered not only bottom-line benefit to their organisations, but also invaluable intrinsic satisfaction to employees.  Continue reading “Flexible Working – 5 Gains for Employers”

Diversity: Do one thing to make a Difference

Diversity. It’s not just a hot topic, it’s a big one. Diversity as a business strategy refers to creating fairness and inclusion in the workplace. Not only does this make practical business sense, it’s vital to business success in the twenty-first century. Continue reading “Diversity: Do one thing to make a Difference”

Channeling ‘The Voice’: Banishing Bias

Race, gender, ability, appearance and age … none of these should matter in the world of employment, and yet, so often invisible barriers are thrown in the way of the employment path, for so many. Continue reading “Channeling ‘The Voice’: Banishing Bias”

Talk To Me, Not My Wheelchair

Living with a disability presents challenges, of that there is no doubt.  But for most people, whilst it is a fact of their lives, it is not the most interesting thing about them.  Nor do they wish it to define them in everyday conversation.    Continue reading “Talk To Me, Not My Wheelchair”

Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?

In terms of business measures, most of us are aware of our core financial figures, whether it’s sales targets, customer numbers or growth rate, there are some numbers which just roll off the tongue. But among those numbers, the figures that define the black from the red, the difference between sink and swim, will you find a measure of diversity and inclusion? Perhaps not.  Continue reading “Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?”

HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma

AIDS Awareness Month presents an opportunity to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, bust some of the myths, and consider how employers can best support those living and working with HIV. Continue reading “HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma”

Women In STEM: Plugging The Gender Gap

By 2020 there will be a deficit of 300,000 digitally skilled workers in London. This is a skills gap that cannot feasibly be plugged by men alone. What is being done to encourage women into the STEM sector?

Continue reading “Women In STEM: Plugging The Gender Gap”

A War on Wages: Interns take a stand

“Exploitative, exclusive and unfair”, that’s how the campaign ‘Intern Aware’ defines unpaid internships. Continue reading “A War on Wages: Interns take a stand”

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