Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


Employee Engagement

These articles include employee engagement strategies, research and case studies. The staff engagement tips therein can increase productivity, save resources and lower employee turnover.
During these tough economic times these employee engagement solutions are indispensible. Furthermore, the threat of a skills shortage can vastly improve talent management, recruitment and retention.

Breaking through the Class Ceiling

Starbucks, Harry Potter and Tesco don’t have a great deal in common with one another, aside from one key thing: they all provide great examples of ‘rags to riches’ tales. Continue reading “Breaking through the Class Ceiling”

Diversity and Inclusion: New Year, New Start


January presents the perfect opportunity for a spot of inward thinking, and a New Year’s Resolution or two. And if your organisation could do with addressing its stance on diversity and inclusion, there’s no better time than the New Year to make a new start. Continue reading “Diversity and Inclusion: New Year, New Start”

‘Merry Christmas’ … Or Should We Say, ‘Happy Holidays’

Shopping malls are heaving. Residential streets are festooned with twinkling lights. And the sound of Status Quo fills the airwaves on repeat for another December. So ubiquitous are the constant reminders of Christmas (lest we forget!), that it can be easy to overlook the fact that it isn’t everyone’s bag. Continue reading “‘Merry Christmas’ … Or Should We Say, ‘Happy Holidays’”

Recipe for Diversity

If you only have three ingredients, there is a limit to what you can cook. Few people want to eat the same thing time and time again. Now imagine the possibilities if you treble or quadruple your list of ingredients. Continue reading “Recipe for Diversity”

Is ‘sexist’ childcare industry responsible for gender stereotyping?

If you were to walk into a nursery or primary school in the UK today, chances are that the staff you would see there would be women. In fact 98% of staff in early years’ childcare in the UK are female ( Continue reading “Is ‘sexist’ childcare industry responsible for gender stereotyping?”

Keep Calm And Stress Less

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. We take a look at the business case for effectively managing and supporting stress in the workplace. Continue reading “Keep Calm And Stress Less”

What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?

Today marks International Women’s Day. Social media is alight with posts championing women, gender equality and women’s rights. With this year’s theme being #PledgeForParity, what will be your organisation’s call to action? Continue reading “What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?”

Diversity: Is Your Organisation Making A Tokenist Gesture, Or Building An Inclusive Culture?

Diversity and inclusion; they go together like needle and thread. One just doesn’t work effectively without the other. Here we explore 5 important steps organisations can take in order to avoid the tokenism trap, and create a culture that fully embraces diversity. Continue reading “Diversity: Is Your Organisation Making A Tokenist Gesture, Or Building An Inclusive Culture?”

‘Stunning’: A flattering compliment or outright sexism? It’s all about the context.

Changing your profile picture isn’t really a big deal. Many social media users do it on a weekly or even daily basis.

But as is evident from the scandal that erupted from barrister Charlotte Proudman’s photo on her LinkedIn profile, a simple profile picture can open up a far reaching social debate. Continue reading “‘Stunning’: A flattering compliment or outright sexism? It’s all about the context.”

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