Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.



“Everyone’s a little bit racist…sometimes”

These are the lyrics of a key song from Avenue Q, the hit Broadway show characterized by puppets and human actors interacting as they work through various social issues with considerable ironic humour.

But is this all a fictional portrayal of society, or is there any truth in the sentiment? Continue reading ““Everyone’s a little bit racist…sometimes””

Diversity: Do one thing to make a Difference

Diversity. It’s not just a hot topic, it’s a big one. Diversity as a business strategy refers to creating fairness and inclusion in the workplace. Not only does this make practical business sense, it’s vital to business success in the twenty-first century. Continue reading “Diversity: Do one thing to make a Difference”

‘We Are An Equal Opportunities Employer. Sometimes’

How does your organisation measure up against your equal opportunities statement? Is diversity and inclusion one of your core business values? Is it really? Continue reading “‘We Are An Equal Opportunities Employer. Sometimes’”

What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?

Today marks International Women’s Day. Social media is alight with posts championing women, gender equality and women’s rights. With this year’s theme being #PledgeForParity, what will be your organisation’s call to action? Continue reading “What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?”

Embracing An Inclusive Approach to the Migrant Crisis

Far from being a drain on Europe’s resources, migrant communities can contribute economically, socially and culturally, given the chance. Continue reading “Embracing An Inclusive Approach to the Migrant Crisis”

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