Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.

Managing Employee Engagement: The Generation Game

There’s no shortage of commentary on the subject of managing and engaging the Millennial workforce. Typically defined as those born between 1980 and 1999, and the largest age group to emerge since the baby boom generation, they are (according to Deloitte) set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They’re defined by the media as the ‘entitled’ generation, demanding, narcissistic, difficult to manage and possessing confidence often outweighing their qualifications. So, what’s the secret to engaging them in the workplace, and how does this align with the needs of your Baby Boomers? Continue reading “Managing Employee Engagement: The Generation Game”

Having A Baby? Big Deal….

As the Government announces plans to crack down on companies who discriminate against pregnant employees or new mums, we ask how it is possible that we are still having this conversation in 2017? Women make up almost half of the working population (47%), on paper have more rights than they ever have had and yet still face discrimination at work for having a baby. Continue reading “Having A Baby? Big Deal….”

Old Dog, New Tricks: The ‘Mature’ Intern

There’s no doubt about it, as a nation we are living longer; average life expectancy in the UK is currently 79 for men and 83 for women. And because we are living longer, we are all likely to work for many more years than our parents’ generation in order to maintain a decent standard of living for our eventual retirement. In fact, by 2020 the over 50s will make up more than a third of the workforce in the UK, making this category a major influence on UK workplaces and the economy. Continue reading “Old Dog, New Tricks: The ‘Mature’ Intern”

The Ugly Side To The Beautiful Game: Football & Diversity


Sport can really unite and divide people in equal measure.  But where the world of football is concerned, we aren’t just referring to the beautiful game itself, and the pursuit of glory for one’s team. Sadly, ‘diversity’ is not a word you would necessarily associate with football, and for many fans, players and employees, the sport has a very ugly and sinister side to it. Continue reading “The Ugly Side To The Beautiful Game: Football & Diversity”

Stand Up & Be Counted: Diversity Needs You

If you’re a CEO, a business owner, an MD or in any way playing an influential part in the organisation and industry in which you operate, there has never been a more crucial time to show your support for diversity and inclusion. Continue reading “Stand Up & Be Counted: Diversity Needs You”

Sobering Work; The Employer’s Role In Supporting Alcohol Related Issues

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, there are an estimated 1.4 million people living in the UK who are dependent on alcohol. That’s about 5% of the working population and largely relates to those in employment. So, just what is the employer’s role in managing and supporting alcohol related issues in the workplace? Continue reading “Sobering Work; The Employer’s Role In Supporting Alcohol Related Issues”

Vive La Différence: The Fine Balance Between Creating Equality & Celebrating Diversity

The quest for equality is a noble one. But we’re going to go out on a controversial limb here, and suggest that when it is taken out of context, it can actually stand in the way of celebrating something equally important: diversity. So how are the scales balanced between treating people equally and valuing their differences? Ultimately, surely the two combine to pave the road to inclusion. Continue reading “Vive La Différence: The Fine Balance Between Creating Equality & Celebrating Diversity”

‘We Are An Equal Opportunities Employer. Sometimes’

How does your organisation measure up against your equal opportunities statement? Is diversity and inclusion one of your core business values? Is it really? Continue reading “‘We Are An Equal Opportunities Employer. Sometimes’”

Work / Life: A Balancing Act For Fathers, Too

Being a working parent comes hand in hand with a permanent state of guilt, and the challenges facing working mothers are well recognised. But spare a thought also for working fathers. As International Men’s Day approaches, we’ve put them in the spotlight for a change. Continue reading “Work / Life: A Balancing Act For Fathers, Too”

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