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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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The Male Centric CV – Tips for Breaking Down The Bias

Six seconds isn’t long to make an impression – especially not one that will determine the path of your future. But six seconds is all it takes for recruiters to make an initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision from a CV. In light of this, it is all the more concerning that the definition of a good CV remains so male-centric that it places many women at a significant disadvantage. Read on to explore this concept and learn a few top tips to overcome this challenge – whether as a candidate or as a recruiter. Continue reading “The Male Centric CV – Tips for Breaking Down The Bias”

Empowering The Incapacitated Worker: What’s Your Stance?

Degenerative illnesses can have devastating effects, such as loss of sight, hearing or mobility. At times like this, the ’employer of choice’ will be the one who thinks beyond the obvious to ensure that loss of income is not added to the list of consequences. Continue reading “Empowering The Incapacitated Worker: What’s Your Stance?”

Having A Baby? Big Deal….

As the Government announces plans to crack down on companies who discriminate against pregnant employees or new mums, we ask how it is possible that we are still having this conversation in 2017? Women make up almost half of the working population (47%), on paper have more rights than they ever have had and yet still face discrimination at work for having a baby. Continue reading “Having A Baby? Big Deal….”

Vive La Différence: The Fine Balance Between Creating Equality & Celebrating Diversity

The quest for equality is a noble one. But we’re going to go out on a controversial limb here, and suggest that when it is taken out of context, it can actually stand in the way of celebrating something equally important: diversity. So how are the scales balanced between treating people equally and valuing their differences? Ultimately, surely the two combine to pave the road to inclusion. Continue reading “Vive La Différence: The Fine Balance Between Creating Equality & Celebrating Diversity”

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