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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


diversity and inclusion

The Male Centric CV – Tips for Breaking Down The Bias

Six seconds isn’t long to make an impression – especially not one that will determine the path of your future. But six seconds is all it takes for recruiters to make an initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision from a CV. In light of this, it is all the more concerning that the definition of a good CV remains so male-centric that it places many women at a significant disadvantage. Read on to explore this concept and learn a few top tips to overcome this challenge – whether as a candidate or as a recruiter. Continue reading “The Male Centric CV – Tips for Breaking Down The Bias”

Mental Health Issues In The Workplace

‘Surviving or thriving’ is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  We take a look at some of the key facts surrounding mental health, and encourage employers to take a responsible, inclusive and supportive stance.
Continue reading “Mental Health Issues In The Workplace”

Fully Able: The Rising Tide Of Disabled Entrepreneurs

77% of the overall UK working population are employed, yet less than half (49%) of disabled people of working age are employed (ONS). Is this by design or by default? Are employers failing disabled people by not operating a more inclusive approach to their recruitment practices, or by ignoring physical and social barriers that prevent disabled people from working? And is our economy missing out on a huge potential resource and talent pool as a result?  Continue reading “Fully Able: The Rising Tide Of Disabled Entrepreneurs”

Managing Employee Engagement: The Generation Game

There’s no shortage of commentary on the subject of managing and engaging the Millennial workforce. Typically defined as those born between 1980 and 1999, and the largest age group to emerge since the baby boom generation, they are (according to Deloitte) set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They’re defined by the media as the ‘entitled’ generation, demanding, narcissistic, difficult to manage and possessing confidence often outweighing their qualifications. So, what’s the secret to engaging them in the workplace, and how does this align with the needs of your Baby Boomers? Continue reading “Managing Employee Engagement: The Generation Game”

Diversity & Inclusion – Beyond Policy & Into Practice

Diversity and inclusion is part of the management agenda for most businesses now. It’s one of the things that we know ought to be tackled but often misses the mark when executed. There is a tendency to focus on the diversity part and completely miss inclusion, because diversity as a concept is easier to grasp and far easier to measure. But what does inclusion really mean? Can a business operate a strong commitment to diversity without proper inclusion? Continue reading “Diversity & Inclusion – Beyond Policy & Into Practice”

Social Mobility In Your Workplace

When you start the conversation about workplace diversity, discussion most commonly swings around to race, disability and gender.  Yet, there are many other areas in which our unconscious bias can create pockets of exclusion within the workplace, and some of them are only very recently being given the recognition they deserve. When, for example, was the last time you put social mobility under the microscope, in the context of your organisation? Continue reading “Social Mobility In Your Workplace”

ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS: Progressive or Exploitative?

Zero hours contracts have had a lot of press and political coverage recently, much of it negative with some calling for a complete ban on these ‘exploitative’ contracts. But are they really as bad as all that and is there a place for them in UK businesses going forward? Continue reading “ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS: Progressive or Exploitative?”

Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?

In terms of business measures, most of us are aware of our core financial figures, whether it’s sales targets, customer numbers or growth rate, there are some numbers which just roll off the tongue. But among those numbers, the figures that define the black from the red, the difference between sink and swim, will you find a measure of diversity and inclusion? Perhaps not.  Continue reading “Does Your Business Measure ROI (Return On Inclusion)?”

HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma

AIDS Awareness Month presents an opportunity to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, bust some of the myths, and consider how employers can best support those living and working with HIV. Continue reading “HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma”

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