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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


employee engagement definition

What is Employee Commitment?

There have been several different answers to ‘what is employee engagement?’ over the years. All of which shed light on why staff commitment is so important to organisations. Continue reading “What is Employee Commitment?”

The Definition of Employee Engagement and Why Worker Engagement is Important

In the current economic climate it’s important to know definition of employee engagement as it has a significant effect on staff retention. To lower staff turnover you also need to be aware of and why worker engagement is important to your employees. Continue reading “The Definition of Employee Engagement and Why Worker Engagement is Important”

What is Employee Engagement?

Director of great{with}talent, Ron Eldridge, answers ‘what is employee engagement’ and talks about why companies need to reassess their priorities. Continue reading “What is Employee Engagement?”

What is an Employee Engagement Survey?

An employee engagement survey tests how involved and satisfied workers are within their company. It’s an important tool to improve work performance and lower staff turnover. Find out why companies use engagement surveys and how they work. Continue reading “What is an Employee Engagement Survey?”

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