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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?

Organisations are struggling with engagement survey response rates and qualitative research has been argued as the solution. Though, there are many reasons companies continue to use engagement surveys. Continue reading “Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?”

Employee Integration is the Key to High Staff Retention

A global cosmetics brand talk employee integration and staff retention as part of our series of HR interviews. Find out what challenges they face. Continue reading “Employee Integration is the Key to High Staff Retention”

Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change

Organisations need to re-think their approach to employee engagement survey action planning in order to get the most buy-in and return on their investment. Continue reading “Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change”

Recruitment Strategies and Employee Retention are a Mixed Bag for the NSPCC

One of the largest UK charities, the NSPCC, is suffering from the same HR issues as everyone else: recruitment strategies and employee retention. Learn how they are tackling these problems. Continue reading “Recruitment Strategies and Employee Retention are a Mixed Bag for the NSPCC”

Problems with Standard Employee Engagement Survey Questions

The usual employee engagement survey questions provide a number of problems. What many presume to be the right questions may not be right for your company or employees. Continue reading “Problems with Standard Employee Engagement Survey Questions”

Staff Retention Strategies and Informatica

Ian Creamer, HR Director for EMEA at Informatica, a provider of enterprise data integration software, believes awareness of staff retention strategies need to be part of a company‚Äôs DNA. Continue reading “Staff Retention Strategies and Informatica”

Staff Commitment, Engagement Strategies and Greggs

High street bakery, Greggs plc, faces a complex set of challenges when it comes to developing staff commitment and engagement strategies. Its 19,000 strong workforce throughout the UK encompasses everything from senior executives to shop managers and part-time workers. This level of diversity creates a multitude of issues, needs, demands and expectations. Continue reading “Staff Commitment, Engagement Strategies and Greggs”

Staff Satisfaction Surveys and Chesterton Global

Chesterton Global, HR director, Karen Orr talks recruitment and retention, using staff satisfaction surveys and exit interviews, all during a period of change in the company. Continue reading “Staff Satisfaction Surveys and Chesterton Global”

Seven Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover

High staff turnover can damage productivity in any organisation though there are several steps every company can take to reduce staff turnover. Here’s great{with}talent‘s list. Continue reading “Seven Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover”

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