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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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Staff Retention Strategies and Informatica

Ian Creamer, HR Director for EMEA at Informatica, a provider of enterprise data integration software, believes awareness of staff retention strategies need to be part of a company’s DNA. Continue reading “Staff Retention Strategies and Informatica”

HR Strategies and Organisational Performance Management

A study by great{with}talent has shown that since the credit crunch HR strategies are moving away from recruitment. The focus is now on organisational performance management and primarily engaging employees. Continue reading “HR Strategies and Organisational Performance Management”

Seven Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover

High staff turnover can damage productivity in any organisation though there are several steps every company can take to reduce staff turnover. Here’s great{with}talent‘s list. Continue reading “Seven Steps to Reduce Staff Turnover”

Staff Engagement Survey Communication

These examples engagement survey communication, such as e-mails and letters, can increase your employee engagement response rates. Here’s an example of internal communications and external.

Continue reading “Staff Engagement Survey Communication”

Employee Retention Strategies

Three out of four organisations have no explicit strategy or budget for employee retention and they don’t understand the real reasons why employees leave. Director of great{with}talent, Ron Eldridge, discuss’ the real statistics and staff retention strategies. Continue reading “Employee Retention Strategies”

Six Tips for Enhancing Employee Commitment

Greater employee commitment can cut costs on recruitment by lowering staff turnover. Here’s our six top tips for enhancing employee commitment. Continue reading “Six Tips for Enhancing Employee Commitment”

What is Employee Engagement?

Director of great{with}talent, Ron Eldridge, answers ‘what is employee engagement’ and talks about why companies need to reassess their priorities. Continue reading “What is Employee Engagement?”

How to Calculate Staff Turnover Rate with Exit Process Cost Calculator

Learn how to calculate staff turnover rate with the new, quick and easy calculator from great{with}talent. Continue reading “How to Calculate Staff Turnover Rate with Exit Process Cost Calculator”

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