Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


Employer Engagement Strategy

Gender Differences in Employment Engagement

Different demographic groups of employees have different needs and priorities. Gender differences in employment engagement require a more flexible approach. Claire Rahmatallah of great{with}talent discuss’ the issues for L&D professionals. Continue reading “Gender Differences in Employment Engagement”

Staff Commitment, Engagement Strategies and Greggs

High street bakery, Greggs plc, faces a complex set of challenges when it comes to developing staff commitment and engagement strategies. Its 19,000 strong workforce throughout the UK encompasses everything from senior executives to shop managers and part-time workers. This level of diversity creates a multitude of issues, needs, demands and expectations. Continue reading “Staff Commitment, Engagement Strategies and Greggs”

Staff Retention Strategies and Demographic Groups

Organisations need to adopt a more flexible staff retention strategy that takes account of the demographic differences of employees in their values, commitment and job satisfaction, claims Ron Eldridge of great{with}talent.

Continue reading “Staff Retention Strategies and Demographic Groups”

Employee Engagement Surveys Checklist

Before conducting employee engagement surveys there’s a few questions you need to consider and items to tick off. Read great{with}talent’s top issues before your staff questionnaires.

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Be Honest with Potential Employees

False expectations with potential employees at the recruitment stage, are a key cause of early attrition, claims Ron Eldridge of great{with}talent. An honest debate around the 12 factors of employee commitment can increase the ‘likelihood of engagement’. Continue reading “Be Honest with Potential Employees”

The Twelve Factors of Employee Commitment

False expectations at the recruitment stage can be a key issue in staff engagement and retention. There are 12 key factors of employee commitment as great{with}talent director, Ron Eldridge, discusses. Continue reading “The Twelve Factors of Employee Commitment”

Why Employee Engagement Survey Results Don’t Change

Many companies provide staff questionnaires on an annual basis but employee engagement survey results rarely differ from year to year. These are the top reasons for why survey results don’t change. Continue reading “Why Employee Engagement Survey Results Don’t Change”

Employee Engagement Strategy – Post-survey Review

Organisations are struggling with their engagement survey response rates. Improve yours with the ten easy steps of our employee engagement strategy. Continue reading “Employee Engagement Strategy – Post-survey Review”

Employer Engagement Strategy – Follow-up Actions

Companies are struggling with their engagement survey response rates. Improve yours with our employer engagement strategy in ten easy steps.

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