Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives

These staff engagement initiatives can increase employee’s buy-in to the company brand. They can then in turn increase customer and client buy-in. Continue reading “Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives”

The Negatives of Employee Engagement Surveys

Alongside the many benefits of employee engagement surveys, there are also negatives. Organisations need to change their approach to get the most out of their staff surveys. Continue reading “The Negatives of Employee Engagement Surveys”

Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?

Organisations are struggling with engagement survey response rates and qualitative research has been argued as the solution. Though, there are many reasons companies continue to use engagement surveys. Continue reading “Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?”

Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change

Organisations need to re-think their approach to employee engagement survey action planning in order to get the most buy-in and return on their investment. Continue reading “Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change”

Problems with Standard Employee Engagement Survey Questions

The usual employee engagement survey questions provide a number of problems. What many presume to be the right questions may not be right for your company or employees. Continue reading “Problems with Standard Employee Engagement Survey Questions”

Using a Traditional Employee Engagement Survey?

A traditional employee engagement survey will often turn up the same old findings from your people. They’ll probably show you that your team wants more career progression, a clearer relationship between reward and contribution. And the age-old favourite… Communications need to be improved. Sound familiar? Continue reading “Using a Traditional Employee Engagement Survey?”

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