Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives

These staff engagement initiatives can increase employee’s buy-in to the company brand. They can then in turn increase customer and client buy-in. Continue reading “Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives”

Generation X Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy

Many organisations are struggling with engaging employees in the workplace and generation X employees are no different. Through research, a new staff engagement strategy can be built for this demographic. Continue reading “Generation X Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy”

Creative Low Cost Employee Benefits

Creative low cost employee benefits can increase employee engagement, staff commitment and boost morale. They can also add to fun at work. Here are some easy and quick steps any organisation can take. Continue reading “Creative Low Cost Employee Benefits”

Engaging Employees with Staff Team Building Ideas – Personal Shield

This slideshow offers a staff team building exercise to kickstart engaging employees. It’s a way for employees to introduce themselves in a creative and interesting way. Continue reading “Engaging Employees with Staff Team Building Ideas – Personal Shield”

HR Strategies and Organisational Performance Management

A study by great{with}talent has shown that since the credit crunch HR strategies are moving away from recruitment. The focus is now on organisational performance management and primarily engaging employees. Continue reading “HR Strategies and Organisational Performance Management”

Ways to Engage Employees in Turbulent Times

In economic turbulent times its still, if not more, important to focus on ways to engage employees. Staff turnover among top talent hasn’t decreased and employee engagement is needed to cut costs and keep companies competitive. Continue reading “Ways to Engage Employees in Turbulent Times”

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