Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


exit interviews

What is an Exit Interview?

There are different types of exit interviews. Let’s look at the aims, relevance and different formats to answer ‘what is an exit interview?’ Continue reading “What is an Exit Interview?”

The Importance of Employee Retention Strategies with Mouchel Parkman

Professional support services group, Mouchel Parkman talk about the importance of employee retention as part of our series of HR interviews. Find out what challenges they face. Continue reading “The Importance of Employee Retention Strategies with Mouchel Parkman”

Staff Satisfaction Surveys and Chesterton Global

Chesterton Global, HR director, Karen Orr talks recruitment and retention, using staff satisfaction surveys and exit interviews, all during a period of change in the company. Continue reading “Staff Satisfaction Surveys and Chesterton Global”

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