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Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


gender differences in employment

How The British Military Has Stolen A March On Diversity

“Colour, creed, age and who you sleep with all become irrelevant when you’re both being shot at.” (Captain Michael Fry, quoted in The Independent, 2011). As Remembrance Day approaches, we take a look at how the British military is conquering the war on prejudice.

Continue reading “How The British Military Has Stolen A March On Diversity”

The A-Z of Why Diversity Pays Dividends

The facts speak for themselves. Diversity pays dividends and leverages competitive advantage. With that in mind, inclusive workplace culture shouldn’t just be high on the corporate agenda. It should pervade through every business objective. And here’s our A-Z of reasons why … Continue reading “The A-Z of Why Diversity Pays Dividends”

Is Everyday Sexism Eroding The Progress of Gender Diversity?

‘The 1950’s called. They said we’ve borrowed their gender stereotypes for too long and now they’d like them back’.  Continue reading “Is Everyday Sexism Eroding The Progress of Gender Diversity?”

Mind The Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap reporting shines an important light on a very real problem; one that needs to be assessed, highlighted and addressed.  Yet, in the short term, it’s a colossal undertaking for most large firms, and risks significant embarrassment and exposure. Just ask the BBC! We take a look at what companies can do to address the scale of the problem. Continue reading “Mind The Gender Pay Gap”

What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?

Today marks International Women’s Day. Social media is alight with posts championing women, gender equality and women’s rights. With this year’s theme being #PledgeForParity, what will be your organisation’s call to action? Continue reading “What Will You #PledgeForParity on International Women’s Day?”

Gender Differences in Employment Engagement

Different demographic groups of employees have different needs and priorities. Gender differences in employment engagement require a more flexible approach. Claire Rahmatallah of great{with}talent discuss’ the issues for L&D professionals. Continue reading “Gender Differences in Employment Engagement”

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