Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


how to motivate employees

How to Motivate Your Staff at Work

Learn how to motivate staff at work with these top five employee engagement initiatives. They’re low-cost, easy to implement and effective. Continue reading “How to Motivate Your Staff at Work”

How to Make Work Fun

Employee engagement ideas can often involve how to make work fun in order to increase staff morale. These include team building ideas, fun icebreakers for work and ways to motivate staff. Continue reading “How to Make Work Fun”

Why Managerial and Professional Employees Leave 2014

This new research about why employees leave can inform staff retention strategies for managerial and professional employees. Find out the staff motivation behind voluntary leavers in 2014. Continue reading “Why Managerial and Professional Employees Leave 2014”

What is Employee Commitment?

There have been several different answers to ‘what is employee engagement?’ over the years. All of which shed light on why staff commitment is so important to organisations. Continue reading “What is Employee Commitment?”

Gen-Y Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy

Many organisations are struggling with motivation in the workplace and particularly with Gen-Y employees. Through research, a new staff engagement strategy can be built for this demographic. Continue reading “Gen-Y Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy”

Employee Retention Strategies

Three out of four organisations have no explicit strategy or budget for employee retention and they don’t understand the real reasons why employees leave. Director of great{with}talent, Ron Eldridge, discuss’ the real statistics and staff retention strategies. Continue reading “Employee Retention Strategies”

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