Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.



Creating A Consciously Inclusive Culture

Being biased is an unfortunate side effect of human nature, and we are all guilty of it, whether consciously or unconsciously. For employers, therefore, creating an inclusive workplace means constantly keeping your finger on the pulse of your organisational culture, being aware of how unconscious bias creeps in, and taking steps to address and prevent it.

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The Ugly Side To The Beautiful Game: Football & Diversity


Sport can really unite and divide people in equal measure.  But where the world of football is concerned, we aren’t just referring to the beautiful game itself, and the pursuit of glory for one’s team. Sadly, ‘diversity’ is not a word you would necessarily associate with football, and for many fans, players and employees, the sport has a very ugly and sinister side to it. Continue reading “The Ugly Side To The Beautiful Game: Football & Diversity”

The Rising Tide Of Racism In Post Brexit Britain

On 24th June, we all woke up to a very different Britain. Political and economical uncertainty are worrying enough, but have racism and xenophobia also become the ugly by-product of Brexit?  And what can employers do to tackle the issue?   Continue reading “The Rising Tide Of Racism In Post Brexit Britain”

United Kingdom?: Why Inclusion & Acceptance Must Still Take Centre Stage

Few things have divided the people of Great Britain as starkly as the outcome of the EU referendum.  Whether one analyses the results by age group, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or region, it is hard not to recognise the typecasting that has rapidly emerged surrounding the profile of the Brexit voter and that of the Remain campaigner.  And, as reports of acts of racial intolerance take increasing prominence in the news since last week’s result, one has to ask the question … has diversity and inclusion in Great Britain been dealt the ultimate blow? Continue reading “United Kingdom?: Why Inclusion & Acceptance Must Still Take Centre Stage”

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