Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.


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Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives

These staff engagement initiatives can increase employee’s buy-in to the company brand. They can then in turn increase customer and client buy-in. Continue reading “Utilising Your Brand in Staff Engagement Initiatives”

The Importance of Onboarding

Learn the importance of onboarding new hires in engaging employees, performance management and staff retention. Here are the top reasons to use onboarding best practices. Continue reading “The Importance of Onboarding”

The Four Most Important Factors of Staff Commitment

From employee research, we list the most important factors of staff commitment and how these effect organisations’ workforce. Continue reading “The Four Most Important Factors of Staff Commitment”

How to Use Employee Engagement Surveys

Many organisations conduct employee engagement surveys. To get the most out of staff questionnaires, companies need to use them correctly for the greatest impact or they can have the opposite effect. Continue reading “How to Use Employee Engagement Surveys”

Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?

Organisations are struggling with engagement survey response rates and qualitative research has been argued as the solution. Though, there are many reasons companies continue to use engagement surveys. Continue reading “Are Staff Engagement Surveys Still Relevant?”

Employee Integration is the Key to High Staff Retention

A global cosmetics brand talk employee integration and staff retention as part of our series of HR interviews. Find out what challenges they face. Continue reading “Employee Integration is the Key to High Staff Retention”

Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change

Organisations need to re-think their approach to employee engagement survey action planning in order to get the most buy-in and return on their investment. Continue reading “Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Needs Change”

Gen-Y Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy

Many organisations are struggling with┬ámotivation in the workplace and particularly with Gen-Y employees. Through research, a new staff engagement strategy can be built for this demographic. Continue reading “Gen-Y Employees and Staff Engagement Strategy”

Staff Surveys and Employees

When conducting staff surveys there are a number of stakeholder groups to be considered. Effective handling of each of these groups will secure a more successful outcome for your organisation. Find out more about the first stakeholder group, employees. Continue reading “Staff Surveys and Employees”

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