Be great at diversity & inclusion

Maximising the potential of a diverse workforce is not only a social imperative, it is also a competitive advantage.



These are tips to improve both the recruitment and retention processes. This includes staff surveys, collecting references and onboarding new employees.
By focusing on both these processes organisations can improve staff engagement. They can also lower early attrition and employee turnover.

Channeling ‘The Voice’: Banishing Bias

Race, gender, ability, appearance and age … none of these should matter in the world of employment, and yet, so often invisible barriers are thrown in the way of the employment path, for so many. Continue reading “Channeling ‘The Voice’: Banishing Bias”

HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma

AIDS Awareness Month presents an opportunity to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, bust some of the myths, and consider how employers can best support those living and working with HIV. Continue reading “HIV and AIDS In The Workplace – Breaking Through The Stigma”

Women In STEM: Plugging The Gender Gap

By 2020 there will be a deficit of 300,000 digitally skilled workers in London. This is a skills gap that cannot feasibly be plugged by men alone. What is being done to encourage women into the STEM sector?

Continue reading “Women In STEM: Plugging The Gender Gap”

Old Dog, New Tricks: The ‘Mature’ Intern

There’s no doubt about it, as a nation we are living longer; average life expectancy in the UK is currently 79 for men and 83 for women. And because we are living longer, we are all likely to work for many more years than our parents’ generation in order to maintain a decent standard of living for our eventual retirement. In fact, by 2020 the over 50s will make up more than a third of the workforce in the UK, making this category a major influence on UK workplaces and the economy. Continue reading “Old Dog, New Tricks: The ‘Mature’ Intern”

A War on Wages: Interns take a stand

“Exploitative, exclusive and unfair”, that’s how the campaign ‘Intern Aware’ defines unpaid internships. Continue reading “A War on Wages: Interns take a stand”

Breaking through the Class Ceiling

Starbucks, Harry Potter and Tesco don’t have a great deal in common with one another, aside from one key thing: they all provide great examples of ‘rags to riches’ tales. Continue reading “Breaking through the Class Ceiling”

Diversity and Inclusion: New Year, New Start


January presents the perfect opportunity for a spot of inward thinking, and a New Year’s Resolution or two. And if your organisation could do with addressing its stance on diversity and inclusion, there’s no better time than the New Year to make a new start. Continue reading “Diversity and Inclusion: New Year, New Start”

Recipe for Diversity

If you only have three ingredients, there is a limit to what you can cook. Few people want to eat the same thing time and time again. Now imagine the possibilities if you treble or quadruple your list of ingredients. Continue reading “Recipe for Diversity”

Is ‘sexist’ childcare industry responsible for gender stereotyping?

If you were to walk into a nursery or primary school in the UK today, chances are that the staff you would see there would be women. In fact 98% of staff in early years’ childcare in the UK are female ( Continue reading “Is ‘sexist’ childcare industry responsible for gender stereotyping?”

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